Scott (pale_azure_sky) wrote,

Why i'm unhappy

For starters i'm already broke. I barely have 400 dollars to my name.
I do not have a car when i'm at school
which means that i can't go off campus
to find a job
which would alleviate the constant poorness
But no
Mom and Dad say they can't afford the insurance on the car
a total lie
since they could afford the insurance when i was in community college
but suddenly when i'm 100 miles away from home they can't.
Frankly they just want me to be miserable and i think it's because
I'm gay. Yes, they let my dead beat little brother do as he pleases
He gets to drive a 2006 Avero
And i'm sure sooner or later the little whore that he's fucking going to
get knocked up.
At least she'll be able to conceive there demon spawn in a plush leather environment.

I cant stand this shit anymore. I'm so sick of being told that i need to sacrifice when there isn't even a guarantee, hell i know that there won't be a job for me once i get my undergrad degree. I'm fucked no matter what the hell i do

I just want to curl into a ball and die.
Thank you and good night
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