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So I think I’m pretty much just suffering from a broken heart. But my emoness will be taking a back seat since I feel like updating about what else is going on in my other wise uneventful life.

So classes start about a week ago. I like all of the classes that I’m taking this semester except for my math class but it isn’t too bad. I just need to remember to actually do my work. That’s the problem with self-paced courses, they’re a pain in the ass to do until the very last minute especially something that I have no interest in doing. But alas I must press on if I ever hope to get out of those cesspool of warren Michigan and go to a real college. I know the option of dropping out and make a meager living as a lowly fast food manger sounds wonderful and everything but I do aspire to try and make something out of my so called life.

I have the crazy transsexual history professor. Nicole Castle said he/she was very good professor and I’m sure he/she is. I only wish he/she would wear a wig. He has tits and nails and make up but no wig to at least make him seem like he’s a lady. It’s like Ms.Garrison from South park. It’s just creepy.

My political science teacher seems like an ass but not all geeks can be evil can they? I think he might be gay, at least he sounds kind of gay and sort of reminds me of my first boyfriend Ken. It’s not a good thing.

Work has been kind of shitty this past week. The supervisor and the owner didn’t seem to want me to be a manger anymore but apparently Beth the store manger said that she wanted me to still be a manger and that I have all this great potential. I guess that counts for something?
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