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So Brandon left sometime on Tuesday. Which now means that I am alone. That once again I am single though technically I was still single, we weren’t dating and I’m fine with that. It’s just who am I going to hang out with now other than Kelly? I’ve basically given up with speaking to Todd. He’s probably happier with me out of his life. Let him call me a hoe. I really don’t care anymore.

I took Brandon to see Imogen Heap last Monday. He seemed to enjoy himself and that’s all that really mattered. I was also inches away from her when she pranced around in the audience and I think Brandon even grabbed her ass. But he tends to be a compulsive liar sometimes. Imogen is a bit of a bitch. When she was done singing one of her songs she said something along the effects of “ I don’t mind if you sing along but please don’t be too loud. I need some quiet so I can hear myself.” And “ Now children please be quiet while I sing you a pretty song.” That bitch better hope we sing her fucking songs and shout her name. Egotism sickens me sometimes…

Xmas is almost upon us and I think I bought all I needed to buy. Except for the cards for work but that’s really it.
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I live in sterling heights, I'm back from school.
Well, we'll definately hang out whenever I'm home!

Deleted comment

hi! i was wondering if I could add you. we have some things in common.